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  Pygmy Goat Breeder, Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom. 13/12/2017
The bond between Dam & Daughter is always there!

It was around the middle of March we had decided only to put one female to the billy this year and she was due to kid any day. She had kidded twice previously and each occasion she'd only had the one single kid - all females!

The heard was out grazing together in the paddock a lovely fine spring day and all enjoying the sunshine. An unexpected appointment cropped up which meant we had to pop out for an hour. Upon our return, I looked out through the kitchen window to check on the goat that was due to kid. To my horror the sight which met my eyes was LAST YEAR'S KID latched on to her mother, busily sucking away! Oh my goodness, all the precious colostrum being enjoyed by the last years goatling daughter who had been weaned months ago!

I dashed out to the paddock, grabbed the daughter and whizzed her off to her pen in the shed and then lead mum off to her pen, then just sat and waited and hoped! With in half an hour the mother had delivered her new kid, all on her own and within a few more minutes the kid was up and sucking.

Thankfully the older daughter hadn't taken all the colostrum! She must have sensed the presence of the milk already and waiting. I think it goes to show what a strong bond exists between dam and daughter what ever their age.

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