Aims, Objectives and Principles of the Society.

The aims of the UK Pygmy Goat Society is to promote the keeping and enjoyment of these amazing little animals whilst also supporting, and encouraging effective and sensitive husbandry of pygmy goats, ensuring positive experiences for both keepers and goats and ensuring goats are healthy and happy now and into the future.

The promotion of successful goat keeping and healthy, happy goats is achieved by educating and encouraging keepers, providing advice for; those new to pygmy goats and those who have kept goats for a few or for many years.

The UKPGS supports members when they require assistance in relation to keeping, feeding, buying, breeding or managing their goats. The society seeks to support and help those who keep pygmy goats for fun, those who wish to teach or train them to ‘work’ and those wishing to show their goats.

The UKPGS is inclusive and friendly to all. Membership of the society provides: access to friendly help, the opportunities to pose questions, to share experiences and to buy and sell goats using the website. The UKPGS welcomes you.


Welcome to our site and welcome to the UK Pygmy Goat Society. (UKPGS)

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