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The Pygmy Goat Society (UKPGS) is run by people, for people who have a passion for these extraordinary creatures and want to share their experience, knowledge and fascination with these wonderful little goats. The society is here to promote, encourage, give advice and to simply enjoy pygmy goats. You can also Register Heard Names, stock and sell stock on this website, but you need to register and become a Member first.

We encourage membership if you are serious about keeping pygmy goats, as a member you will have access to very specific help, advice and guidance on a range of pygmy goat topics, as we work together and share information, knowledge and advice on what to do, and what not to do, feeding advice, health care, routine maintenance, showing techniques, breeding advice, sharing fascination stories about our goats and more.

The society is focussed on all pygmy goats and whether you have two or three in your back garden or fifty in a large enclosure makes no difference. We are inclusive, open and willing to share.

Talk to anyone who has kept pygmy goats they usually smile, their eyes twinkle and they regale you with stories of the “naughty” things their goats used to get up to. “I remember when mum was out, we used to let them into the kitchen and feed them a biscuit.... I remember they used to climb on our ponies back to get to the best apples in the orchard...”

People often ask me why I keep pygmy goats, as there is no commercial value to keeping pygmy goats at all, far from it, however my answer is simple and often repeated;

“Because every day, every single day – they make me smile, and most days they make me laugh out loud”.

 All profits from the Pygmy Goat Society website will be donated to charity. 

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